Night to remember.

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It’s been a busy week! So sorry for the delay.

I drove home after classes on Friday, arriving back in Mesquite about 20 minutes after the Friday night performance of the Variety Show had finished, so I met up with my family at the school. Granna and Poppa took some family friends who had come along back home while Mom, Dad, Blake, and I (as well as a couple of Blake’s friends) went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Mom, Dad, and I left earlier than Blake and his friends so that we could get dessert at Braum’s. When we got back home, I did my flute playing quizzes for my woodwind methods class and then got in bed after a long day.

On Saturday, I woke up relatively early and got dressed. One disadvantage to living in Lubbock is that there’s not an IMAX screen at any of the theaters, but Mesquite DOES have one, so, while I was in town, I took advantage of Mesquite’s IMAX screen and went to see Titanic 3D in IMAX with Dad, Poppa, and Granna. It was awesome! Mom stayed behind since Blake wasn’t able to go (he had to be at the school to prep for the Variety Show), but Granna and I met up with Mom after the movie and went to a store to put together a goody basket to give to Blake after the performance. The Variety Show itself was really good; the women especially impressed me with their rendition of Adele’s Rumour Has It, but the guys sounded great too. Seth came in town as well, so we were the only two (real) alumni to join the group onstage to sing the traditional song. Of course, since Mrs. Westgate is leaving after this school year to take care of her baby, she was invited onstage as well; after all, she IS a Poteet and Variety alumni as well. It was a fun show, and I was glad to be able to make it into town to support Blake. Seth joined us for dinner (minus Blake, of course, who was still doing cleanup at the school) at Applebee’s, after which we went over to his house and watched The Strangers. It was some good hangout time.

On Sunday, I made the decision to skip church and sleep late because, if you remember, I had a research paper to do, and Sunday was the night that I designated as my all-nighter to knock out the paper in one clean cut. So I slept late (until about 12:30), loaded my stuff, said goodbye to my family, and hit the road. I rolled into Lubbock at about 6:15 or so, which was good timing since I had a choir rehearsal at 7. Before heading to that, however, I filled up my gas tank (gas was about 20 cents cheaper in Lubbock than back at home!) and drove through a quick car wash…my car needed it after last weekend’s “raining mud” incident. Choir rehearsal went fine, and then I returned to the room, ate a quick dinner, and then made it to the library by 10:15 to get started on my paper. I had stocked up on supplies to keep me awake and focused: two Coke Zeroes, two bottles of water, two 5-Hour Energies (something I hadn’t tried before), and a package of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (which are AWESOME).

I’ll admit…it was very slow-going at first. I had lots of trouble with getting focused on my research, particularly because everyone else was still awake, posting interesting things on FB and Twitter. I settled into my productive groove by about 3:30am and worked pretty hard until 7, about 6-7 pages into the paper, when I decided to move my car before it got ticketed at 7:30 and to get ready for class at 9. At this point, I was still running on the first 5-Hour Energy; I had taken it at 3am, and it worked pretty nicely. I got back to the room by 7:30, changed clothes, and shaved (you’re welcome, family!) before heading up to the music building. I grabbed some coffee and a couple of blueberry bagels (my new addiction) before heading to class.

For not having slept a wink in nearly 24 hours, I functioned and focused relatively well throughout all of my classes, the exception being woodwind methods…we didn’t play that day, so it was pretty boring. After that class, I grabbed my second cup of coffee before music history, where staying awake wasn’t a problem because we were taking notes the whole time. Nothing to speak of happened in my final classes of the day. When they were done, I gulped down the second 5-Hour Energy and got back to work. I finished my research paper after only a couple of hours…woohoo! To celebrate, I went to Cici’s for dinner; I ate Cici’s while working on my previous two research papers, so I continued the tradition. After eating, I came back to the campus, did my homework, took a shower, and got in bed at about 10:30…for those of you keeping score, that’s 34 hours of no sleep. I was EXHAUSTED, BUT my paper was finished, so it was worth it.

Other than finally feeling rested on Tuesday, not much happened. I went to class, which was all pretty uneventful, and then Andrew and I had choir rehearsal from 7-9. You see, all of the Tech choirs and the bands/orchestras join together once a year for the Scholarship Concert, which is how they fund all of the music scholarships given out each year. This year, we’re singing Mozart’s Requiem, which is actually pretty cool. The concert is on Saturday and should be lots of fun!

Today, I went to my 8am class and grabbed some coffee before my 9am class. When we got to music history at 11, we turned in our papers and were then let go for the rest of class…huzzah! Conner suggested that the two of us go back to my room and watch Back to the Future Part III during our free time, so we did. We got a little past halfway before I had to go back to the music building for band, but we had lots of fun during that time while watching. I’m so glad that Conner can quote the BTTF movies (almost) as well as I can!

I went to my remaining classes before meeting up with Rachel, the other horn section leader, at 4 to talk about what we want to focus on and accomplish in our section next year. We talked for nearly an hour; we’re so awesome! We even scheduled a meeting with our band director for Friday; he’s treating us to Chipotle, and we’ll all discuss next year as we eat delicious Chipotle goodness. Should be cool!

Anyway, back to my day. After Rachel and I met with each other, we said our goodbyes so that I could be on time to this week’s voice lab. I sang tonight, and I’ll be singing again tomorrow night for a bigger audience. Tonight’s performance really well, so I can’t wait for tomorrow’s!

The rest of the evening has been spent hanging out in the room and basically doing nothing. Of course, I did do some reading; last night when I went to Walmart to buy more mouthwash and a new toothbrush, I bought a copy of TIME Magazine’s 100th anniversary Titanic book/magazine/thing, which was very interesting. I read the whole thing tonight! The Titanic is still one of my favorite things to read about.

Now, I’m about to hop in the shower and then get in bed. So goodnight!


It’s been a privilege.

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Hey all. Time for my weekend post!

Nothing worth speaking of really happened on Thursday, and not much happened on Friday, either, at least, not until after classes were done for the day. Andrew’s parents flew into town early that morning, but we didn’t see them until after 4 or so! They stayed in our room for a while, hanging out, until they left so that we could get dressed and prepared for our choir concert. The concert went really well, and we had a great time performing. Afterward, Andrew was surprised to see Scottie and his girlfriend, Laura, had also made the trek into town, something he hadn’t expected. It was a nice little surprise for him (Mrs. Grant had told me earlier). The six of us went out to eat at Ruby Tequila’s for dinner before parting ways for the night, making plans for breakfast the next morning. Andrew and I went back to the room and stayed up for a while, watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother before going to bed.

We woke up a little late on Saturday, but we still met the others at IHOP not too long after they had shown up themselves. We ate breakfast and then went back to the room, where we all relaxed for a bit before Andrew’s parents, Scottie, and Laura left to take care of some airport/rental car stuff. Andrew stayed behind in the room, but I went up to the music building at noon to attend a recital. It was Zach Houston’s percussion recital; he graduated a couple of years ahead of me at Poteet. His mother and his brother, Aaron, who’s my age and is a good friend of mine, had driven into town the night before, so they were also in attendance (which, admittedly, is the main reason why I went). With two other Poteet graduates sitting next to us, we had a nice little sort of reunion going on. When Zach had finished his recital, I said goodbye but not before making plans to meet up with Aaron later in the day.

I went back to the room, where Andrew’s family had regrouped. We watched the Rangers game for a while before we went for a tour across the campus. Laura had never been to Lubbock before, so it was mainly for her benefit. We literally walked from one side of the campus to the other and back, which took a little more than an hour. We were slowed down just a bit by the excessive wind…expected, I suppose. It IS Lubbock, after all! Unfortunately, all of Andrew’s family had to leave once we had finished our little tour, so we said our goodbyes and they were on their way.

I attended another recital at 4:30, this one for a fellow horn player, and I even stuck around afterwards and practiced on my horn for about an hour! I was proud of myself. From the music building, I contacted my friend Lexi. Recall that I first met Lexi on Twitter back in May or so of last year and officially met her last fall when I visited her church, which I now attend. Through me, Aaron started following Lexi on Twitter, and they got to the point where they tweeted each other quite a bit. So I arranged for the two of them to officially meet. Lexi and I went and ate at Chipotle while Aaron ate dinner with his family, and then Lexi and I picked Aaron up. The three of us went to Bahama Buck’s and talked for a while before driving back to the Tech campus and watching a movie in the room (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which neither of them had seen before). It was a nice little get-together, and Andrew even got to meet Lexi for the first time; he had been working at Relay for Life with his fraternity, but he made a quick visit to the room when he learned that Aaron was here. Such a good evening!

I woke up this morning a little late, but it didn’t matter that I showed up 20 minutes after bible study had started because our teacher had lost his lesson book, so we just socialized until service started, which went well. I left the church and went straight back to campus for a Goin’ Band Leadership meeting, where we practiced teaching a couple of techniques to each other; I did really well with it! No worries there. I went straight from the meeting to another horn recital and then back to the room for a while.

At about 7:25, I met up with Lexi at the movie theater to see Titanic. You see, I had never seen it before tonight. I don’t know why; I guess my parents never made it out to be a big deal when I was a kid, and, despite my fascination with the actual Titanic as a kid, the idea of the film never really appealed to me until pretty recently (the last couple of years or so), at which point a 3D re-release had already been slated, so I decided to wait and see it properly. And what better day to see Titanic for the first time than on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the original ship?!

I LOVED it. I couldn’t believe I had never watched it before, but, then again, I’m glad I waited and saw it for the first time on the big screen. I’ve always said that that’s the proper way to see movies (which is why seeing Back to the Future on the big screen for the 25th anniversary re-release was such a big deal), and this didn’t disappoint…the 3D was even excellent! It’s hard to point out everything I liked about this movie, let alone what I DIDN’T like (there wasn’t much, if anything), but, overall, it was magnificent. Definitely one of my favorites now, and I only have to wait five months for it to be released on Blu-Ray for the first time! Woohoo!

Now, I’m back in the room. I’ve finished my homework, and now I’m about to shower before bed. Goodnight, everyone!


Get off the roof!

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Today was a pretty good one, even though it definitely felt like a Friday despite the fact that it wasn’t…boo.

I went to classes and just had a JOLLY old time (sarcasm, but it wasn’t really too bad) before coming back to the room. I just messed around for a while and watched some TV while Andrew was at work. Rachel drove by and picked me up just before 8, and the two of us went to Paradigm at FBC together. The speaker talked all about the book of John and John as a person, discussing why he recommends the book of John to non-believers and new believers, as well as to anyone who may be struggling in their faith. It was a good message, but it wasn’t very content-heavy or in-depth. He challenged us all to dive into John, though, so I may just do that soon. When Paradigm was over, Rachel dropped me back off at Sneed, where I decided to have one night of splurging…Andrew and I ordered pizza for ourselves while we began watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It was the first time I had seen any of it, and I like what I’ve seen so far. We stopped it halfway though; remember, I own the Extended Edition boxed set, which means that Return of the King is four and a half hours long. Two hours into the film, it was time to change discs for the last hour and twenty minutes, so we decided to call it quits for the night.

The Harry Potter Definitive Collection boxed set of movies that I’ve been waiting for was announced today. It’s called the Harry Potter: Wizard Collection, and it originally costs $500. Amazon actually has it on sale for $350 right now, though. It’s a total of 31 discs: Blu-Ray and DVD copies of all 8 films, extended cuts of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, plus both the 2D and 3D editions of Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. And that’s just the MOVIES! There’s also several special features discs, which include 5 hours of never before seen special features! I was drooling just looking at the info page! Here it is: enjoy it (and, to my family: I would love if you also purchased it for me! 🙂 )!


Another bit of news. The Back to the Future Part II prop replica hoverboard is now on sale from Mattel! It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, and I want one, BUT it is also expensive for what it is: $120. I again request family assistance! Haha.


A couple of hours ago, I received a FB message from one of my fellow CCBB dancers, David. He mentioned that he has done a few productions with Garland Summer Musicals back near home, and he told me to look into them if I was interested. I don’t know anything about GSM, but I looked at their site and saw that they’re doing South Pacific and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying this summer…the latter caught my eye in particular because I’m just about the right age for the lead role! Like the Lubbock Moonlight Musicals thing that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m only considering at this point, but I’m still pretty interested, especially because it’s so close to home! Very cool.

Anyways, I only have one morning class tomorrow, followed by a two-hour break in which I will actually have time to eat, voice lessons at noon, and then band and choir. Easy day tomorrow! I’ll have the room to myself this weekend, so I’m thinking that I’ll be having a little LOTR marathon, including special features. Should be loads of fun! I want to get some reading done, too…I want to finish The Total Money Makeover in time to read The Hunger Games before the film comes out. I also want to check out this John Carter from Mars series; the film looks like it’s going to be fantastic!



My 3rd Annual Academy Awards Live-Tweet

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Hey all! Sorry about not tweeting last night, and I won’t be giving you an “update” tonight either…I’ve got an exam to study for. I’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. But here’s my tweets from tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony!

1. Live-tweeting for the #Oscars begins now!
2. I’m watching Live From the Red Carpet (7920 others checked-in) @GetGlue #Eredcarpet
3. Regretting not having seen #TheArtist before now. Everyone knows it’s going to sweep. #Oscars
4. When both ABC and E! go on commercial break at the same time…it sucks.
5. There’s The Dictator! I just want to see Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury in the biopic already.
6. Dresses are fascinating and all (not), but can we get to the movies already? #Oscars
7. SHAGGY! #MatthewLillard #Oscars
8. The picture of Kim Jong Il on The Dictator’s urn looked like Ricky Gervais.
9. ABC seems to be in a perpetual state of commercials. Hooray for E! #Oscars
10. RT @papaG73 Never had to live through one of @Chadadada’s #Oscar tweet fests before tonight should be interesting.
11. @papaG73 did you not turn off my tweets being sent to your phone? This is only the beginning!
12. Emma Stone will be fantastic in The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m so excited! #Oscars
13. Oh, that’s Ryan Seacrest? I really had no idea! RT @Lord_Voldemort7 Ryan Seacrest basically just got glitter-bombed by The Dictator. #Oscars
14. Jennifer Lopez really is a beautiful person. #Oscars
15. Oh, boohoo, she wore her hair down! #moviesplease #Oscars
16. Rooney Mara sorta looks a little Oriental. #Oscars
17. Switching between my iPad for tweeting and my PC for looking people up…gotta remember that my PC isn’t a touch screen. #Oscars
18. Remember when Colin Firth was excellent in The King’s Speech? #Oscars
19. Man, this kid from Modern Family had the right idea. Seeing all the Best Picture noms in one day? What a winner! #Oscars
20. Are you really still arguing about her hair? #Oscars
21. This girl looks like she’s 16 and is critiquing fashion. Who is she? #Oscars
22. Ryan Seacrest got all of the dead guy off of him. That’s good. #Oscars
23. RT @cracked Did Sacha Baron Cohen show up in something funny? Were there zany antics? Oh man, that guy!
24. Halfway through my second box of Jujubes. #Oscars
25. Nick Nolte sorta looks like Jack Nicholson. Except more deaf. #Oscars
26. Zach Galifianakis is not dressed as Hobo Joe. How upsetting. #Oscars
27. RT @RottenTomatoes Nolte doesn’t need an Oscar. He has a crow!
28. Who’s wearing a cape? Edna would not approve. #nocapes #Oscars
29. @jasonsegel! It’s a shame he’s not singing with Walter tonight. That’s disappointing. #Muppets #Oscars
30. Oh, was Gwyneth Paltrow the one wearing the cape? #Oscars
31. RT @RottenTomatoes Paltrow looks like she’s about to give medals to Luke and Han for blowing up the Death Star.
32. What’s going on with the back of Glenn Close’s dress? #Oscars
33. Help! I’m being sucked in to the clothes talk! #Oscars
34. Hunger Games trailer. I need to read the books. #Oscars
35. OMGLOL RT @ebertchicago: Great relief to see Glenn Close’s cleavage again after “Albert Nobbs.”
36. Jay Leno. #CHIN #Oscars
37. Nothing is too trivial to tweet during the #Oscars. At least, that’s the philosophy I’m taking.
38. RT @AshleyNichols92 20 minutes! #Oscars
39. RT @AshleyNichols92 I am going to be tweeting a bunch tonight. Just to warn my followers. . . #Oscars
40. I haven’t seen #AmyAdams yet tonight. You can talk about her dress, her hair, her anything and I won’t mind. #Oscars
41. RT @MuppetsStudio Kermie and moi on the #Oscars Red Carpet. See what I mean about an adorable frog in a tux? Tres Chic!
42. #BucketList: attend an #Oscars ceremony. Does that mean I have to be famous first? Or learn to talk about dresses? #Oscars
43. Muppets singing Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie? This is awesome! #Oscars
44. “And the Best Actor Oscar goes to…Jeff Bridges, for his work in the Hyundai Commercials!” #Oscars
45. RT @RottenTomatoes There’s a nun in a habit on the red carpet. I really hope someone asked her who she’s wearing.
46. Remember the time Eddie Murphy was supposed to host the #Oscars? Thank God that changed.
47. I laughed like a madman when I read this. @RottenTomatoes: Tom Hanks wearing a goatee. Wait, it must be EVIL TOM HANKS! #Oscars
48. RT @LexFritter Let’s get this started.
50. “It’s your doody, isn’t it?” #Oscars
51. I’m watching The 84th Annual Academy Awards (26644 others checked-in) @GetGlue #Oscars
52. James Earl Jones is in the audience? How wonderful. I have the same birthday as him. #Oscars
53. RT @sims I love Billy Crystal. He’s so classy and funny.
54. RT @LexFritter Billy Crystal should be offered the job every year.
55. This year’s hosting is already better than last year’s. #Oscars
56. And so it begins… #Oscars
57. Tom Hanks, you present too fast! I didn’t have time to make my guess! For the record, I don’t think I would have been right. #Oscars
58. Art Direction: My guess is The Artist. Not because they both say “Art”. #Oscars
59. Well, how ’bout that! I haven’t seen Hugo either. #Oscars
60. Meryl Streep still looks the same as she did in 1982. She has magic on her side. #Oscars
61. @LexFritter I missed too many films this year. Upsetting.
62. I mean, just LISTEN to Jeff Bridges talk about those cars?! He totally deserves Best Actor. #Oscars
63. @ShaunaDevine are you watching the #Oscars? Or are you sleeping?
64. RT @RottenTomatoes New Oscar rule suggestion: Oscars for 3D movies should be wearing little glasses.
65. The Kodak Theater jokes are hilarious. #Oscars
66. Oh look, a movie montage! Those are the best. Some great films in it, too. #Oscars
67. I’m offended that #BacktotheFuture wasn’t in there. #Oscars
68. Okay, next is Costume Design. The Artist is my default guess. #Oscars
69. It COULD go to Hugo though. Or any of those others. #Oscars
70. I’m fairly certain they’re playing music from War Horse during the Costume Design sequence…it’s not nominated… #Oscars
71. Yay, I got it right! Correct guess count so far: 1 of 3. I’m on a roll! #Oscars
72. Okay, guess for Makeup is another one I don’t know at all. I’d like to say #DHpt2…it’s the film’s best chance. #Oscars
73. Sigh. Doesn’t look like #HarryPotter will walk away with any awards tonight, although it certainly deserves them. #Oscars
74. RT @logaq It’s ok. Harry Potter has had and will have a profound impact on more lives than Hugo or The Iron Lady ever will.
75. RT @LexFritter Oh well, Harry will always live in our hearts and the hearts of generations to come.
76. Origin stories rock. I love knowing what motivated people. #Oscars
77. Glad to know that Sean Connery’s chest hair motivated Adam Sandler to become an actor. #Oscars
78. To be fair, Sean Connery’s hair motivates me too. It’s hard to see past THE beard. #Oscars
79. Okay, what’s next? Best Foreign Language Film? I’m going to make a wild guess: A Separation.
80. YES. I AM NOW 2 FOR 5. #rockin #Oscars
81. I picked A Separation as my guess because it was made in Iran. #nowyouknow #Oscars
82. I know that Octavia Spencer will win Best Supporting Actress. #duh #Oscars
83. What crazy clip from The Help will they show for Octavia? #Oscars
84. @AshleyNichols92 I think Jessica would stand more of a chance if she was nominated for that other film she was in.
85. And it goes to…Octavia! #duh #Oscars
86. I am now 3 for 6. 50% accuracy isn’t bad! #Oscars
87. Just realized that I now own 8 of last year’s Best Picture nominees, but I have yet to watch two of those 8. #Oscars
88. Hahahaha, this is awesome. #FocusGroups #Oscars
89. “I hope it has some monkeys in it!” #Oscars
90. I think that Best Film Editing will go to (wild guess) The Artist. #Oscars
91. RT @AshleyNichols92 Film Editing: The Artist is my guess. I would love it to be TGWTDT though.
92. This is a super pleasant surprise! Glad Dragon Tattoo walked away with something tonight. #Oscars
93. RT @RottenTomatoes The Iron Lady makeup guys say their film had no budget. It was “only” $14 million. Can we get a no budget like that? #Oscars
94. Sound Editing? Let’s just say War Horse for funsies. #Oscars
95. Bah, I changed my guess in the last few seconds before the announcement. The tweet is final, though. #Oscars
96. Hugo for Sound Mixing. #Oscars
97. Whew, Twitter app crashed just before it was announced. Barely got my guess in. #Oscars
98. What does that make me, 4 for 9? There went my 50%. #Oscars
99. #MUPPETS! #Oscars
100. RT @RottenTomatoes Kermit and Piggy! Huzzah! #Oscars
101. Glad the #Muppets were still involved in some way. #Oscars
102. I’ve never been flying at a movie theater before. I’m not impressed with their interpretation. #CirqueduSoleil #Oscars
103. #Butreally, this is pretty cool. #CirqueduSoleil #Oscars
104. RT @LexFritter This is not real.
105. Hey look! It’s Iron Man and Pepper Potts! #Oscars
106. Pepper lost her cape. #Oscars
107. Okay, back to the awards. My next (wild) guess is Undefeated for Best Documentary.
108. Yes! 5 for 10! #Oscars
109. What’s Chris Rock presenting? Best Animated Feature? I’m guessing that it’ll be Rango, but none of these stand out to me. #Oscars
110. Chris Rock actually just made me laugh. Doesn’t happen often. #Oscars
111. For the record, Kung Fu Panda 2 was fantastic, but I don’t think it’ll win… #Oscars
112. 6 for 11! For those of you without a calculator (or, in my case, Google), that’s 55%! #Oscars
113. Now, I need to see Rango. #todolist #Oscars
114. @Hypable says that Visual Effects is next. I’d love to see #DHpt2 win, but something’s wrong if it doesn’t go to Planet of the Apes. #Oscars
115. Hahaha, I love that she referenced Ben Stiller’s Avatar outfit. #Oscars
116. Testing…
117. It works! Let’s see for how long. #Oscars
118. For those who didn’t see @ahous91’s announcement, I reached the tweet limit…I’m back for now! #Oscars
119. Best Original Score? I’m thinking Artist, but I wish Williams would win. #Oscars
120. Oh, I got Plummer’s win for Supporting right. I’m currently 7 for 12, I think. #Oscars
121. Make that 8 for 13. 62%! #Oscars
122. RT @aacerr I still vote John Williams. #Oscars
123. Hey look! Hobo Joe! #Oscars
124. Best Original Song. MAN OR MUPPET! #Oscars
125. #MUPPETS! #Oscars
126. I just spazzed out in my chair. So excited! #Oscars
127. RT @LexFritter I was going to say… If “Man or Muppet” doesn’t win, I would give up.
128. Wait, I think my count got off. Gimme a minute to make sure. #Oscars
129. Okay, I’ve got it. I’m 9 for 15. 60%. #Oscars
130. Adapted Screenplay will probs go to Hugo. Let us not lie to ourselves. #Oscars
131. RT @Lord_Voldemort7 Hufflepuff sounds like it would be the name of a very unpopular muppet.
132. Oh wow! That’s a surprise. Really. #Oscars
133. My guess for Original Screenplay is The Artist, but, if it doesn’t win, I think it’ll go to Midnight in Paris. #Oscars
134. I suppose I COULD count that guess, but it wasn’t my primary, so I won’t. Oh well. #Oscars
135. Trying to keep down the tweeting just a little bit, at least during commercial breaks…don’t want to hit the limit again! #Oscars
136. Okay, we’re back! Wild guess for Live Action Short Film: The Shore. #Oscars
137. Awesome! That’s 10 for 18. #Oscars
138. RT @RottenTomatoes Wait, are we talking about penises? #Oscars
139. iPad app crashed right before I guessed, but it’s okay. I was wrong. #Oscars
140. You only “got” the Scorsese drinking game joke if you watched one of the other awards ceremonies…I forget which one… #Oscars
141. Animated Short guess? La Luna? Maybe? #Oscars
142. Drat. #Oscars
143. My correct guess percentage is back down at 50%. I’m fairly confident in my guesses for the last 4, though…we’ll see. #Oscars
144. Best Director? This one is admittedly tough to guess. I kinda want to say Scorsese. #Oscars
145. That was my other guess, but I can’t pick 2. I have 3 chances left! #Oscars
146. Here are my last 3 guesses…Dujardin for Actor, Davis for Actress, and Artist for Best Picture. #Oscars
147. RT @RottenTomatoes OK, so Artist will win Best Pic, but is there doubt in the Best Actor and Actress categories? We’re thinking Dujardin and Davis…
148. James Earl Jones: Darth Vader. Mufasa. That is all. #Oscars
149. RT @RottenTomatoes Still left in the show – Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture and everyone’s favorite – the death montage.
150. I always look forward to the memorial montage. I remember when James Taylor sang the Beatles’ “In My Life” a few years ago. #Oscars
151. They included Peter Falk’s “As you wish!” That’s exciting. Cool that they included Uncle Ben too. #Oscars
152. Great that Steve Jobs got a nod too. Without him there’d be no Pixar. #thanksSteve #Oscars
153. That montage did not warrant another commercial break. #Oscars
154. Apparently, Hollywood drinks Diet Coke. #Oscars
155. RT @ahous91 @Chadadada and purely Diet Coke, mind you.
156. Remember the time Edward Norton won’t be the Hulk in the Avengers? #Oscars
158. Wait, she’s presenting Best Actor. My bad. My money’s on that French guy. #Oscars
159. If Dujardin doesn’t win, Clooney will. #Oscars
160. Knew it! #Oscars
161. If I get one more right, I’ve got my 50%. If I get the last 2, then I have more. Yay! #Oscars
162. Wait, was that A. R. Rahman just then? The singing Indian guy? #Oscars
163. Okay, now? VIOLA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE #Oscars
164. RT @cracked Colin Firth just won an Oscar for presenting this award.
165. Realizing that Moneyball will be walking away with nothing tonight is depressing. #Oscars
167. @AshleyNichols92 nobody was a fan of that movie. Meryl was apparently the only good part of it.
168. @ahous91 same here. When you say “movie about baseball statistics” it doesn’t sound near as entertaining as the movie actually was.
169. Oh well. I know who will win Best Picture. The Artist, o’ course! #Oscars
170. RT @ahous91 @Chadadada I think the academy is stupid.
171. @AshleyNichols92 I think that’s what frustrates me the most. It’s impressive on her part, but bad movies shouldn’t win awards. My opinion.
172. Okay. I guessed 50% correctly. I suppose I’m happy with that. #Oscars
173. And that concludes my 3rd Annual #Oscars Live-Tweet. I hope not all of it was completely annoying.

Goodnight, everyone!


Gracious speech.

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Today was a good day. Since I stayed up so late last night writing about my experience at Paradigm and what I learned from the message, I had a little bit of trouble waking up, but I was on time for class so it was no big deal. Theory went normally, and I picked up a smoothie after class was out, sipping it and playing a game on my iPad in the free hour I had between theory and music history.

Nothing special happened in music history, but I’ve got a test on Monday that I need to study a bit for. I’ll get on that sometime this weekend; I’m not too stressed about it. I had my voice lesson today during my lunch break, and we worked on two songs: “Silent Noon” by Ralph Vaughan Williams and “Sunset Boulevard” from the Broadway musical of the same name. One piece is extremely beautiful, while the other is just lots of fun…I love them both and can’t wait to perform them, hopefully as soon as in a few weeks.

Band and choir went as expected, and both felt delightfully brief. Since I had no obligations after choir let out, Andrew and I grabbed food from the SUB (back to salad for me!) and waited at a table for Andrew’s Chi Ro friend Chelsea to join us. I sat back and played on my iPad while eating so that they could talk without my interruption. I know Chelsea, but we’re not much more than acquaintances. No biggie. They chatted for quite a while before we parted ways, the two of us walking back to Sneed together. We watched a couple of episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures on Netflix (such a great show!) before Andrew went out to eat with two other friends from Chi Ro. I stayed behind and read Total Money Makeover for a bit before I decided that it was time for a nap. It was actually a short nap this time, with me only sleeping from about 6:40 to 7:40 or so; we had a choir concert tonight (kinda).

The concert tonight was not Matador Singers-exclusive; in fact, this concert showcased almost all aspects of the School of Music, with a flute ensemble, a jazz ensemble, a world music ensemble, a viola ensemble, and us singing with the top band. It really was a pretty cool concert…each act flowed right into the next, meaning that the next group started performing almost immediately after the group before them played their final notes. The effect was very cool.

Anyway, we were done with that before 9 I think, at which point Andrew and I walked down the street to the parking garage so that I could grab my car and park it behind Sneed for the weekend. He changed clothes and went to hang out with friends, while Conner came over so that the two of us could continue our Back to the Future-watching; we watched Part II tonight. Watching BTTF with Conner is the best because he can quote the films almost as well as I can! Well, let’s be fair…I think he quoted the second one better than I did, but the second one is not my favorite of the 3. When the film had ended, Conner left, and I decided to pull up the Bible app on my iPad and read something random.

I ended up choosing Colossians 3 to begin with, but I liked it so much that I went back to Chapter 1 and read all four chapters in Colossians. LOTS of good stuff; after finishing reading, I wrote for a long time again in my journal, some of which I plan to post on Facebook in a note. I don’t want to post it to show people that I’ve been reading the Bible or anything like that, but rather because I want to share what I learned from the passage in the hope that others can learn from it as well, perhaps even taking away more than I did. So check that out!

Andrew showed back up not long after Conner left, and he read his book for a bit before he passed out; I’m about to do the same. There is a basketball game that I will be attending with Court Jesters tomorrow afternoon, and the final performance of You Can’t Take It With You is tomorrow night as well; I wish I could have performed tonight, but I dedicated myself to choir before I dedicated myself to this play, so that’s just the way things worked out. Hopefully some of my friends will be able to make it out to see the performance tomorrow. I know that my voice teacher is planning on attending, and hopefully at least Andrew will come as well. The other section leader, Rachel, mentioned coming with one of the other horn players in the section, but she also told me that she had lots of homework to do…I told her that my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if she wasn’t able to come.

It’s bedtime…goodnight!


P.S. – The Academy Awards are almost here!

Dine and dash.

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Okay, I’ll start with yesterday. Wanna know why nothing interesting happened yesterday? I didn’t wake up until 3:30 in the afternoon! I guess that’s what I get for not going to bed until four and not setting an alarm. Oh well. After I had woken up, I ordered Chipotle on my phone from my bed, deciding to nix the double everything that I normally get. My usual meal at Chipotle has been a burrito bowl with double chicken and extra cheese, rice, and salsa. This time, I only doubled the salsa; this decreased the total calorie count of the meal by about half. I figured that, as often as I eat Chipotle, it would be a good idea to pull back a bit. Once I had eaten, I drove across town to Supercuts and got my hair cut to my usual short length; there’s a line in the play about how my character has started to lose hair, which didn’t make any sense at all with my hair being at the length it was before the cut.

From the haircut I went back to the room and showered before heading back out to the theater, where we the show was sold out for the second Saturday in a row! Good stuff. Most of the cast went out to eat at Applebee’s after the performance; I had the cajun shrimp pasta, which, as always, was really good. We all left at about 12:30 or so, at which point I went back to the room and continued playing Arkham City for a few hours. I was in bed a bit earlier last night, though: 3 (I think…)! In any case, I went to bed early enough so that I didn’t have to fight too hard with myself to get up for church. This was the first time that I had made it to Sunday school here in Lubbock since the start of the semester. Not that we did anything productive in Sunday school to begin with, but still. At the church, I resisted the urge to shove donuts down my throat, settling for the blueberry yogurt, chocolate milk, and Coke Zero that I had bought myself on campus before driving to church. Service was good today, too, and I identified with it; the pastor was talking about having discipline, about setting goals and being firm in our beliefs and paying attention to details in our lives that could lead us into giving it to temptation. The reason I related is because he used the example of him cutting back on his sodas; in case you don’t remember, I was completely soda-free for an entire year, so I knew exactly what he was going through when he talked about the constant pangs you have that you have to ignore.

I left the church at about 12:15 or so, and Lexi and I went to Chicken Express. We needed something fast because I had my first Goin’ Band leadership meeting at 1. We didn’t really get to stay and eat, but it was nice to have the few minutes that we had to catch up; we hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks. I made it to the music building just in time for the leadership meeting, which only lasted about an hour. It was basically just an introduction into what we’re going to be focusing on as a group in these leadership meetings that will be taking place throughout the semester. When it had finished, I called Granna, who had called me while I was in the meeting. Her and Poppa are on a cruise ship with a couple of friends for the next week, so please pray for safe travels!

I went straight back to the room, where I took all of our trash to the trash room before Conner showed up. You see, the two of us have been planning on watching Back to the Future together for at least a year now, and we finally got around to doing it! We didn’t have time to watch all three in the trilogy, but we made it through the first one with me providing anecdotes the whole way through. I’m telling you: watching BTTF with me is quite an experience. You’ll learn lots of stuff concerning behind-the-scenes information and the like. It’s awesome!

When Conner had left to eat dinner with his family, I whipped out Arkham City again, eventually finishing the story mode! Wow…it was SO good! Even better than the first one, and I didn’t think that was possible! I highly recommend both games to everyone.

That’s pretty much it. Andrew got back from his Raider Awakening retreat a few hours ago and crashed on his bed…he’s been there ever since, not waking even for a minute or two. We’ll see if he sleeps through the night or not, though I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he did. As for me, I just did my music history reading quiz, which was the only homework I had this weekend. Huzzah! Now, I’m about to get ready for bed and maybe read a chapter of Total Money Makeover before going to sleep; back to a world withOUT Batman tomorrow…that’s no fun!

Anyway, goodnight everyone!


It’s alright.

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It’s late, so this may be a bit condensed…of course, every time I say that, it ends up being longer than I intend it to be. We’ll see where this goes.

Theory went as usual (and I don’t have homework due on Monday!), and in music history we had our second listening quiz, which I thought I did really well on; we’re supposed to get our grades sometime on Monday, so it’ll be good to see how I did. Since today was a Friday, I didn’t have my usual lunch break because of voice lessons. We worked on two pieces the whole time, with an emphasis on the first one. I proposed that we focus on one piece at a time so that I could perform each of them at the voice recital as I learn them, and she agreed, so that’ll be fun! Speaking of performing, I got a few more compliments today…such an awesome feeling!

In band, we got music for our next concert…which is in two and a half weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how well this concert turns out since we have so little time before we have to perform it. In choir, we listened to a couple of pieces that we haven’t sung through yet: one of them is very pretty, while the other is really fun, albeit difficult. It’s still an option for our concert, but Prof. Dent wants us to spend a lot of individual time on it outside of class if we really want to do it.

After choir, I grabbed my clarinet and pulled out my computer so that I could do my playing assignments that are due on Monday. It only took me a little more than half an hour to do them all, so that wasn’t too bad. When I had finished, I almost bought another spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A in the SUB, but I resisted (and, also, CFA was closed…)! Instead, I made it back to Sneed, grabbed a mini-pizza from Sam’s Place; it’s been a few weeks since I last had pizza, and this was just a small personal pizza. ALSO, it was the first thing I had had to eat all day, so I wasn’t too concerned with calorie count at this point. I called Poppa and Granna and talked to them on the phone for a while, which was great because I hadn’t talked to them since the last time I had seen them back before the start of the semester. The two of them leave for Galveston tomorrow where they will depart on a cruise ship for a week. Please send prayers their way to keep them safe as they travel!

I just hung around the room for a couple of hours, reading the intro and the first little section of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book before I left the room at 6 to go to the theater. My back bike tire has another hole in it somehow (I haven’t looked into it too much because of the dreary weather we’ve been having), so I made sure to leave early enough to allow sufficient walking time between Sneed and my car.

The show went relatively well tonight, though you could tell that it had been a week since we last performed, and the audience wasn’t the biggest either. I’m not worried, though; I expect tomorrow to improve on both aspects. I chose not to go out to eat afterward, but a few of us made plans to go out to eat after tomorrow night’s performance, so that’ll be fun. I came back to the room and found a Smart Choice lasagna meal in Sam’s Place, which wasn’t half bad. After eating, I proceeded to play Batman: Arkham City for several hours, not stopping until nearly 3. At first, I considered putting on a movie (I had chosen Princess Bride) and watching it while lying in bed, but then I decided to just go ahead and go to sleep and maybe watch the movie tomorrow.

I have absolutely zero obligations or plans tomorrow before about 6 in the evening when I have to go perform in the play, so it’ll be a great day to sleep in and relax. Andrew is gone on a church retreat kind of thing this weekend, so I’m all by my lonesome for the weekend. I made plans with Conner for Sunday, though: the two of us will be watching at least the first Back to the Future, maybe even all three if it works out. The two of us have been planning a BTTF marathon for more than a year now, but we just haven’t gotten around to it. So Sunday will be exciting!

Anyway, there you go. As I said at the start, this definitely ended up being longer than I had intended it being. Oh well. Goodnight!


A Midwinter Day

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I got out of bed at about 8:45 or so this morning so that I had enough time to shower before my 9:30 science class. In that class, we had more questions to answer based on something we were supposed to read. Like last week, we first discussed these questions in small groups of three or four before opening to discussion up to the class as a whole. My group this time around was a lot more active than the group I was in last week, which was nice because it meant that I wasn’t doing all of the work. In fact, when the discussion was opened to the class, my group was the group that spoke out most of the time! Good for us.

In aural skills, we got back our dictation quiz from last class period. I ended up getting a 99 because the only thing I missed was an accidental, which I’m proud of. Not that this dictation was particularly difficult, though. The rest of class was spent looking over sight-singing stuff for next Tuesday. For lunch, I ate lunch with a friend from class; I got my salad from Chick-Fil-A and she got a rice bowl from Sam’s Place. When band rolled around, we both got our instruments and went to that, which was super long since it was our Thursday hour-and-a-half long rehearsal…bleh. I survived, though.

After band had finished, I put away my horn and grabbed my clarinet so that I could get my playing quizzes submitted online since I won’t be in town this weekend to do them before Monday. I searched around for at least 25 minutes to find a practice room, but they were all busy! It figures that all of the practice rooms would be full whenever I want to practice! There were about 10 of these short playing quizzes, and, though they were simple, they wore out my chops! The clarinet embouchure (the way you hold your mouth in order to produce a sound) is a lot different from my horn embouchure; it makes me firm up the corners of my mouth a bit more, which is hard after having done it for a while without being used to it. I suppose I’ll build up those chops over time, though…we didn’t really start playing it until this week, after all.

I finished about half of these playing quizzes before my horn lesson came around at 3, so I grabbed my horn from downstairs and went back up to the room where my lesson was to be held. My teacher, who I had as my lessons teacher in fall of 2010, is also in my woodwind methods class, so that’s a little bit weird, but it’s cool that I get to operate with him on both teacher-student and peer-peer levels. In my lesson, we started looking at options for possible jury pieces, and we also looked at some of the etudes that we were given to start preparing in studio earlier this week. Starting in a couple of weeks, each member of the horn studio will be starting to perform these etudes in front of everybody else for a grade…yippee? All the more incentive for me to practice more!

I finished my clarinet playing quizzes after my horn lesson before riding my bike back to the room, where I hung out until it was time to leave for play rehearsal at 6:40ish. Tonight, we ran Act III twice, which went well. My lines are officially, 100% learned! Plus, our director told me that I’ve been doing a really good job, so that was cool. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this show despite having to sacrifice my evenings for a few weeks. It has been worth it, though; I’ve made a few new friends and I’ve enjoyed getting back into the theatre world. Hopefully another opportunity will arise sometime next year, and HOPEFULLY I won’t be so busy by then. Maybe I’ll be able to work with my director friend John again! That would be great! (for the record, John, I’d LOVE to be Shrek sometime…haha)

Back in the room, Andrew ordered pizza. He had texted me while I was still at rehearsal, asking if pizza was alright with me for dinner. I said sure, but I asked him to order what he wanted and then allow me to take a slice or two. It was hard to turn down my own pizza, but the idea of pizza for dinner had occurred to me earlier today, so I had Google searched the nutrition facts of Papa John’s pizza…as it turns out, a single slice of pizza from a large Papa John’s pizza contains 320 calories, so my typical full pizza would have added approximately 2,560 calories to the only 440 calories I had already consumed today…no bueno. Me eating only two slices of pizza allowed me to have the pizza that I love so much without passing 1000 calories for today, which has become essential for me to lose weight right now. This is proving to be an ordeal not unlike my year-long break from soda; it’s testing my resistance of temptation, and so far I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that. Please pray that I can keep it up so I can continue to get into better shape!

Homework tonight consisted of a quick music theory assignment and a music history reading quiz, neither of which took a lot of time. I worked on them while watching some Family Guy for a while before switching over to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which seems to have taken Whose Line is it Anyways?’s old spot on ABC Family at 11pm on weeknights. As much as I love Whose Line, Fresh Prince is still one of my absolute favorite shows, so you won’t be hearing any complaints from me!

Now I’m about to pack a couple of pairs of clothes for this weekend’s trip to El Paso with Andrew; we’ll be heading out of Lubbock tomorrow at about 3:30 or so, as soon as we get out of choir and get our stuff loaded into my car. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

That being said, I’ve got a long drive ahead of me tomorrow as well as a music history listening quiz to look forward to (don’t worry, I just finished studying for it, plus I’ll have an extra hour to look at it before class in the morning since woodwind methods doesn’t meet on Fridays), so it’s bedtime for me. Goodnight!


P.S. – It has been reported that Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, and Alan Silvestri, the writers and composer of the Back to the Future trilogy, respectively, are supposedly in the early stages of developing a Broadway musical adaptation of at least the first film. Despite what you may think, I actually think that this could be fun; Shrek the Musical taught me to never judge a musical before I’ve heard or seen it. This actually has the potential to be really good, ESPECIALLY if Zemeckis and Gale are involved, since the BTTF trilogy is their brainchild.


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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay since my last post; Christmas break, in some ways, has proven to be busier than school was.

I’ve really enjoyed being home with my family. I’ve spent pretty much all of my time at home hanging out in the living room with Mom and Dad (Blake only plays video games online in his room), and my cat has been hanging out with me as well. When I first got home, I was a bit jealous because Noel (my cat) seemed to be more attached to my mom than to me, but he’s warmed up to me since I’ve been back, so that’s good.

Last Friday, Dad, Blake, and I drove to the big little town (though mostly just little) of Sentinel, Oklahoma, where my grandparents (on my dad’s side) live during the winter since it’s so cold and snowy at their other home in Idaho during this time of year. My aunt (my dad’s sister) lives next door to my grandparents’ home in Oklahoma, so it was a cool little reunion for all of us, especially since the last time I had seen any of them (unless my memory has slipped) was when my Memaw attended my graduation in May of 2010; it had been even longer since I saw my Pawpaw or Aunt Shannon. At their house, I actually had my first home-cooked meal since returning home from school for the break, which was nice. Memaw fixed us a breakfast consisting of eggs and ham that morning, and we had pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and butter/bread, all of which were great (though I admittedly didn’t eat any carrots). Overall, it was just awesome getting to spend time with them after not having seen them in such a long time.

The three of us left for home Sunday afternoon. That night and the next day were particularly uneventful, but Tuesday was super exciting because I got my wisdom teeth removed! Yaaaaa- just kidding. It wasn’t that exciting. However, it wasn’t painful either, for which I’m grateful. Dad took me to the oral surgeon’s office that morning at 10; as soon as I got in the operating room, they put an IV in my arm and I was out for the count, though it seemed like I was awake in the next instant. I haven’t had any pain so far, which is awesome, but having to keep up with the meds I have to take and the task of keeping my mouth consistently clean is a bit tiring. An advantage is that I haven’t really done anything but sit around watching TV the past two days, and lots of that time was spent with my cat napping in my lap, which warms my heart. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before now, but December 26th will mark 10 years since I first got Noel, so I’m glad that he’s warmed up to me so much.

As a result of my diet being mostly limited to soft foods, I’ve now had my mom’s spaghetti for dinner three nights in a row…awesome! It’s my very favorite food. Hooray!

Earlier tonight, a Back to the Future marathon came on TV. I didn’t catch it until halfway through Part II, but I watched the rest of it and then the third one, all with my parents. At the end of Part II, I had to pause the TV for a minute or two to clarify the timeline of the trilogy for Mom; she was confused as to how these characters got where and when, but I think she (mostly) understands now. I’m such a good son!

The other day, I discovered that one of my favorite childhood Saturday morning cartoons is available for viewing on Netflix Instant: Jackie Chan Adventures! Very exciting news. I’ve been watching several episodes during the past couple of days, and the more I watch, the more I’m convinced that it’s not just the nostalgia speaking: this TV show really is quality stuff. If you haven’t seen it before, I highly recommend it. It’s lots of fun, and it doesn’t dumb things down for kids. It’s action-packed and light-hearted, though it has some light moments as well. Very good!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now. I’ve been getting in bed a lot earlier this break, believe it or not. I’ve been going to bed not too long after midnight, though I’ll be honest: I’ll often lie in bed for an hour or so watching a TV show or listening to music before finally falling asleep, but that’s still a pretty decent bedtime as far as I’m concerned.

48 hours from now, I’ll have been at my aunt and uncle’s house in Alabama for several hours, eagerly anticipating Christmas on Sunday morning. It’s only been a few weeks since I last saw them (Thanksgiving), but I’m excited to see them as well; I usually see them maybe three or four times a year, max, so it’s always a treat to spend time with them as well.

And now it’s time for bed. That’s today’s update! I’ll update you all at least once more before Christmas…I promise! Goodnight, everyone!


P.S. – The final grades are in! Of my 11 classes this semester (I know, it’s a lot – welcome to the life of a music major!), I received 9 As and 2 Bs, bringing both my semester and combined GPAs to a bit higher than a 3.7 (though not high enough to round up a tenth). I’m very happy with these grades…this is my first semester to get an A in my music history class! Definitely an improvement.

You Should Care

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After sleeping for so long yesterday (3something – 11, midnight to 8am), waking up for church was a breeze. I left early enough to stop by Sam’s Place West (which opens at 9am) for a quick breakfast-to-go before heading to church, which went well. I’m still really enjoying this church, so I plan on continuing to come every week.

When church was over, I decided to grab Chipotle for lunch since I still have money on my gift card. I called Mom and talked to her for a few minutes, telling her that I’d be stealing our Christmas movies after Thanksgiving to bring back to Tech, and I also negotiated with her to get more Christmas music for the Christmas season. Success! I came back to the campus and just hung around for a while before Court Jesters at 5, where we learned some new songs…I’m having a blast with the CJs. More fun playing my horn than I’ve had in a long time (don’t get me wrong, I still love Goin’ Band and playing my horn in general, but we play legitimately FUN music in CJs). At 7, there was a prospective leadership meeting for those who wanted to run/audition for band officers, visual instructors, drum majors, or section leaders. I had initially planned to just audition for section leader, but I think I’ve decided to go for visual instructor as well (you can do both). Auditions aren’t until December, so wish me luck in preparing!

Landry has been in town since Halloween weekend, so I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to hang out since I had no homework to get finished tonight. We came to my room and watched first the new episode of Family Guy, then the Phineas and Ferb movie (since he hadn’t seen it and he’s also a big P&F fan), and then we got out Back to the Future: The Game on my PS3 and let him play that. He finished Episode 1 and started on Episode 2, and he really seemed to enjoy it. Landry is also a big BTTF fan, though of course not as big as me (I’m not sure if anyone is…).

I had intended on doing laundry tonight, but I still have clean clothes for tomorrow so I figured it could wait a day or two. For now, it’s bedtime. Goodnight, everyone!


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