Puns, books, and sleeps.

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I apologize for my long absence. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been absent from my review site as well – though I’ve been keeping track of what I need to review when I get the chance.

So, life…it’s pretty good, but also pretty busy, though not for the reasons it should be. My music classes this semester – Form & Analysis, Brass Methods, Goin’ Band, Music for Children, Symphonic Band, and Conducting – are all pretty basic and easy to handle. It’s my one non-music class that has proved itself to be a little overwhelming. It’s an honors humanities seminar called Western Intellectual Traditions. I signed up thinking, “oh, Western philosophy, that could be pretty cool!” …but then I walked into the classroom on the first day and was handed a 12-book reading list. From the first class to the second class we read The Epic of Gilgamesh, and we have since then read Homer’s The Iliad, 64 chapters of the Old Testament, about the same number of chapters from the New Testament, Antigone and Oedipus the King by Sophocles, Plato’s Phaedo and a chapter from Plato’s Republic, Marcus Aurelius’ MeditationsThe Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, Beowulf, Dante’s Inferno, and two chapters from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. We’re finishing up The Treasure of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan by Thursday, and then we only have one book left to read: The Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis. On top of all of that, we have a 10-page paper due on the last day of class. So yeah…very busy, and most of the reason why I haven’t posted here very often.

Aside from all of that nonsense, everything about this semester has been great. Goin’ Band has been a lot of fun; Rachel and I have worked together as section leaders really well and we’ve been lucky to have a great section this year. I’m also in my fifth semester of voice lessons, which are going well…I’m preparing for a just-for-fun recital that will take place sometime in the spring! In addition to that, I’m sort of in a class (meaning I’m participating without enrollment) called “Scenes,” in which we auditioned and were assigned to groups in which we will prepare and eventually perform a scene from a musical theatre/opera production. I’m a part of three of these scenes, which also contribute to my busy-ness, but I’m having lots of fun being a part of them.

Let’s see…what else has happened this semester? I got the iPhone 5, bought a new, fancy horn case, ordered my official Texas Tech ring (which I will have in less than two weeks!), and voted in my first presidential election. I also saw more movies than I should have – Looper, Finding Nemo 3D, Sinister, Wreck-It Ralph, Flight, and Skyfall…I think that’s it, though I saw a couple of those multiple times. And there are more to come! Lincoln comes out this weekend, Rise of the Guardians comes out the week after that, and in December we have The HobbitLes MiserablesDjango Unchained, and a couple others…it’s been a good year for movies.

There are only 13 days of class left of the semester…not that I’m keeping count or anything. Thanksgiving break is next week, so I’ll get to go home! That’ll be fun. In a month’s time, I will be sitting at home for Christmas break. I’m too excited!

I know that wasn’t too much of an update, but I’m still trying to finish up The Treasure of the City of Ladies…goody. I promise it won’t be three months before you hear from me next!

Stay fresh and God bless.



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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay since my last post; Christmas break, in some ways, has proven to be busier than school was.

I’ve really enjoyed being home with my family. I’ve spent pretty much all of my time at home hanging out in the living room with Mom and Dad (Blake only plays video games online in his room), and my cat has been hanging out with me as well. When I first got home, I was a bit jealous because Noel (my cat) seemed to be more attached to my mom than to me, but he’s warmed up to me since I’ve been back, so that’s good.

Last Friday, Dad, Blake, and I drove to the big little town (though mostly just little) of Sentinel, Oklahoma, where my grandparents (on my dad’s side) live during the winter since it’s so cold and snowy at their other home in Idaho during this time of year. My aunt (my dad’s sister) lives next door to my grandparents’ home in Oklahoma, so it was a cool little reunion for all of us, especially since the last time I had seen any of them (unless my memory has slipped) was when my Memaw attended my graduation in May of 2010; it had been even longer since I saw my Pawpaw or Aunt Shannon. At their house, I actually had my first home-cooked meal since returning home from school for the break, which was nice. Memaw fixed us a breakfast consisting of eggs and ham that morning, and we had pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and butter/bread, all of which were great (though I admittedly didn’t eat any carrots). Overall, it was just awesome getting to spend time with them after not having seen them in such a long time.

The three of us left for home Sunday afternoon. That night and the next day were particularly uneventful, but Tuesday was super exciting because I got my wisdom teeth removed! Yaaaaa- just kidding. It wasn’t that exciting. However, it wasn’t painful either, for which I’m grateful. Dad took me to the oral surgeon’s office that morning at 10; as soon as I got in the operating room, they put an IV in my arm and I was out for the count, though it seemed like I was awake in the next instant. I haven’t had any pain so far, which is awesome, but having to keep up with the meds I have to take and the task of keeping my mouth consistently clean is a bit tiring. An advantage is that I haven’t really done anything but sit around watching TV the past two days, and lots of that time was spent with my cat napping in my lap, which warms my heart. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before now, but December 26th will mark 10 years since I first got Noel, so I’m glad that he’s warmed up to me so much.

As a result of my diet being mostly limited to soft foods, I’ve now had my mom’s spaghetti for dinner three nights in a row…awesome! It’s my very favorite food. Hooray!

Earlier tonight, a Back to the Future marathon came on TV. I didn’t catch it until halfway through Part II, but I watched the rest of it and then the third one, all with my parents. At the end of Part II, I had to pause the TV for a minute or two to clarify the timeline of the trilogy for Mom; she was confused as to how these characters got where and when, but I think she (mostly) understands now. I’m such a good son!

The other day, I discovered that one of my favorite childhood Saturday morning cartoons is available for viewing on Netflix Instant: Jackie Chan Adventures! Very exciting news. I’ve been watching several episodes during the past couple of days, and the more I watch, the more I’m convinced that it’s not just the nostalgia speaking: this TV show really is quality stuff. If you haven’t seen it before, I highly recommend it. It’s lots of fun, and it doesn’t dumb things down for kids. It’s action-packed and light-hearted, though it has some light moments as well. Very good!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now. I’ve been getting in bed a lot earlier this break, believe it or not. I’ve been going to bed not too long after midnight, though I’ll be honest: I’ll often lie in bed for an hour or so watching a TV show or listening to music before finally falling asleep, but that’s still a pretty decent bedtime as far as I’m concerned.

48 hours from now, I’ll have been at my aunt and uncle’s house in Alabama for several hours, eagerly anticipating Christmas on Sunday morning. It’s only been a few weeks since I last saw them (Thanksgiving), but I’m excited to see them as well; I usually see them maybe three or four times a year, max, so it’s always a treat to spend time with them as well.

And now it’s time for bed. That’s today’s update! I’ll update you all at least once more before Christmas…I promise! Goodnight, everyone!


P.S. – The final grades are in! Of my 11 classes this semester (I know, it’s a lot – welcome to the life of a music major!), I received 9 As and 2 Bs, bringing both my semester and combined GPAs to a bit higher than a 3.7 (though not high enough to round up a tenth). I’m very happy with these grades…this is my first semester to get an A in my music history class! Definitely an improvement.

Whoopsie Daisy

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I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last updated. I’ll give you some short summaries right quick.

-I slept in this morning to catch up on a bit of sleep after Friday to Saturday’s all-nighter, and it proved to be a good thing, too: I ended up pulling another all-nighter from Sunday to Monday due to an issue I had with the sources in my paper. Oh well; I survived.

-This day was awfully long, thanks to the all-nighter. I turned in my paper (praise the Lord!) and went to classes, with plans to avoid napping so that I could go to bed early and catch up on sleep before the drive home on Tuesday. However, things didn’t go as planned: I was invited to go bowling with a couple of guys in the horn section, and I decided to take them up on that offer. It was only $8.00 for unlimited bowling until midnight, which is a great deal. I lost track of how many games we played, but we were there for about two hours total. For the first few games, I bowled the way I usually do (by throwing the ball as hard down the center of the lane as I can), but I started to get sore, so I asked one of the guys I was playing with to teach me how to bowl with a curve. After learning, it took some getting used to but I got the hang of it after a while. Still lots of room for improvement, but I’m okay with that. I returned to the room and still had homework to do, so I was up until about 2am, bringing my total hours spent awake to just over 37 hours. Whoops! I slept like a rock that night.

-I only had a few classes this day, and none of them were stressful. I ended up skipping my last class from 2-3:20 because I had things to get done before leaving, like cleaning up our room, finishing and turning in a job application, and filling up my car with gas before hitting the road. The drive itself wasn’t bad at all; Megan rode with me to Abilene, and then she switched over and rode with Andrew back to Mesquite, since she lives closer to him than to me. It was so great to be home and see everyone, including my cat! Woo! I slept spread-eagled on my bed that night.

-I slept late on Wednesday, which was much-needed. After waking, I joined Andrew and his mother on a trip to the Cheesecake Factory, which I had actually never been to before. I ordered a four-cheese pasta and a slice of red velvet cheesecake, both of which were excellent. For the rest of the day, I hung around the house with family, helping clean up before family came over later in the evening. We met with Granna, Poppa, Uncle Craig, Aunt Brenda, Summer, and Carson at On the Border for dinner, returning to our house for a while afterward. When they had left, Mom, Dad, Blake, and I set up our Christmas tree. Normally we’d wait until after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t get to help set up the tree last year, and this was the only chance I’d get. So we did! And it looks great. I’m glad I got to help out with it this year.

-Thanksgiving! We went to Poppa and Granna’s house first-thing, with all of the adults getting right to preparing the big meal. When we finally ate, it was glorious: ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes, rolls, yams, etc. All excellent. I took my nap an hour or two after finishing eating, and it was definitely a good one. Andrew’s family came over after a while because they were in the area, and they invited us to go see The Muppets with them. IT WAS SO GOOD! Andrew and I sat together and were laughing the whole time; my family thought that we were funnier to watch than the movie itself. Oh well. Andrew and I love the Muppets! And this movie was fantastic. We returned to Granna and Poppa’s house for a while to eat dessert before heading back to our own home.

-I woke up relatively early, saying goodbye to Granna and Aunt Brenda, who I probably wouldn’t see face-to-face again before driving back to Lubbock on Sunday. They, along with my mom, were going Christmas shopping. Dad, Blake, and I eventually went and ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A before getting my car washed and making a brief trip to Best Buy to just look around. I had to leave Mesquite for the hotel that GB is staying at in Dallas just before 3. It didn’t make sense why we had to be there so early, though: the only thing on our itinerary for tonight was our band banquet, which was at 6:30. The banquet wasn’t awful, though I could have done without it. The dinner was good: grilled chicken with fettucine alfredo. Yum. After the banquet, I changed out of my suit, going with Conner, Josh, and Angela to Target to buy a movie or two to watch back in the hotel room. We also stopped by McDonald’s for McFlurries before heading back to the hotel. The cheap HDMI cable I had bought to use with the hotel TV wasn’t working, so we ended up just watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which didn’t leave me complaing…I love my Indy.

Now, it’s just about time for bed. We get to sleep in a bit in the morning, not loading the buses to leave for rehearsal until 11am. Last game of the season! I can’t wait. Goodnight, everyone. Sleep well!


P.S. – The Christmas music has begun!