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Hello there everyone!

This week has actually been fairly boring, so there’s really not all that much to talk about. Here’s stuff that happened this week, in no particular order.

Remember me saying that my science class was actually being co-taught by two different professors? Well, the part of the class taught by the first professor is over (thank goodness). This was the teacher with the stupid tests…by the way, I ended up getting an A on that last test I told you about. So that’s good, I s’pose. Anyway, the “new” professor is the guy who has been in charge of our lab all semester long, so no he teaches both our lab and our normal class. He’s a lot better, in more ways than one: 1) he does more teaching than just reading off a Powerpoint presentation and assigning readings; 2) he doesn’t give stupid tests; 3) he’s more likeable as a person. We had our first test over this “new guy’s” material today, and I actually struggled with it a little bit because it was the first time we actually had to bother with knowing content in this class, but don’t worry, I think I did okay.

I downloaded an app on my iPad the other day called procreate. It’s a drawing app that is actually really kind of professional, meaning that a legitimate artist could pick it up and make a masterpiece right there on his iPad. Since I am not a professional artist, I started off by drawing Perry the Platypus. It turned out pretty awesome! Since then, I drew several Muppets, and by “draw” I mean “pasted the picture into the app, traced it, and then colored it in”. They look pretty awesome…maybe one day I’ll be able to draw them without having to trace!

I started a sort of tradition this week; well, I CALL it a tradition, but we’ll see how long it actually lasts. First, I need to tell you about an iPhone/iPad app called GetGlue. This app is designed to help you share with your friends and with the world what you are doing, i.e. what movie you’re watching, what musician you’re listening to, what book you’re reading, etc. As you use the app more and more, you unlock stickers related to whatever material you may be doing, and, eventually, you can get the actual stickers that you’ve earned sent to you in the mail. Anyway, back to the tradition I mentioned. On Monday, during my lunch break, I pulled out my headphones and picked a movie soundtrack to listen to. Then I open the GetGlue app and tell everyone what I’m listening to and tweet it with my Twitter hashtag “#soundtrackoftheday”. The first day was Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek, the next was Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy, then Thomas Newman’s Finding Nemo, then James Newton Howard’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and then today’s was Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a soundtrack that I actually own (and listened to) on vinyl. It’s fun to listen to these on a regular basis, especially since I own so many of them, and to share my favorites with everyone else.

Speaking of vinyl, I used my record player for the first time in a while this week. As the semester rolled on, a pile of stuff built up on top of the record player, but, because I cleaned up a bit due to Andrew’s family coming in town last weekend, the player was clear and ready to be used. Before I left Mesquite Easter weekend to come back to Lubbock, I bought The Eagles’ Greatest Hits on vinyl, so that was the first album I listened to on my record player this week. I then listened to Paul McCartney and Wings’ Wings Over America live album, followed by The Beatles’ 1962-1966 (the so-called “Red Album”), and then today was the Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It feels good to get the vinyl back out again.

As you should all know, I have a British penpal who I met on Twitter. Well, through tweeting with her and exchanging letters, I learned that she’s only had Reese’s once before because they are not readily available over in the UK where she lives. Deeming this unacceptable and being the best penpal EVER, I decided to take it upon myself to properly introduce her to Reese’s. I bought one of just about every single kind of Reese’s available, including normal, dark chocolate, white chocolate, egg-shaped, Nutrageous, Fast Break, Crispy Crunchy, Big Cup, Pieces, etc., stuffed them into a box with my letter, and put it in the mail today. How awesome am I?! Haha. I was surprised to find how inexpensive it was to ship this package, which easily weighed a pound or two, to the UK; aside from the cost of the candy itself (most of which I picked up with my Raidercard dining bucks), I only payed $20 to ship it to England. Awesome! She’s agreed to send me some British candy with her next letter as well, so I’m plenty excited!

Tonight, we had a 2012 Goin’ Band section leaders meeting, at which we got our first glimpse of one of next fall’s marching shows. The particular show we looked at was the show that the members of Goin’ Band voted on, a Villains show. Music playlist consisting of: “O Fortuna” from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, Thriller by Michael Jackson, the Imperial March from Star Wars by John Williams, Back in Black by AC/DC, “Mars” from The Planets by Holst, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, Bad by Michael Jackson, and the Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Quite a set list, huh? It should be lots of fun. Rachel, the other section leader, and I decided to meet up some time next week so that we could establish our goals for the horn section in the fall…we’re gonna have an awesome section!

That’s pretty much it. Tomorrow, after classes get out, I drive home. Blake’s Variety Show at Poteet is this weekend, and I’m able to drive home and see it. I won’t make it to tomorrow night’s performance, but I’ll definitely be at Saturday’s! Then Sunday I get to drive back to Lubbock, go to a choir rehearsal, and then type up my research paper. Lots of fun in store for me in this coming week!

Goodnight, everyone!


Unexpected places.

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It was a good weekend.

Friday, as far as classes went, was pretty simple. I had theory at 9 and then nothing until voice lessons at noon, followed by band and then choir. Easy! Andrew and I packed earlier in the day, so we were on the road half an hour after choir was finished. The ride was pretty uneventful, but it started out pretty windy. We even saw a dust tornado or two in the fields outside of Lubbock! It was pretty cool. This was Andrew’s first time to make the trip with the faster speed limit, so it surprised him when we made it back home in 5 hours…a much shorter time than it used to take.

On Saturday, I went out to eat with Andrew and Seth at Chili’s, which was great. It was the first time I had seen Seth since the end of Christmas break, so it was nice to spend some time with him. After we had eaten, we went back to my house and watched The Muppets…Seth hadn’t seen it yet! Andrew left after the first song, but Seth stayed and really enjoyed it. Later in the night, after Seth had left, Mom, Dad, Blake, and I ate spaghetti for dinner and watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds together. It was some good family time.

The next day, of course, was Easter. We went to church before heading over the Granna and Poppa’s house. We all got our own sort of little goody basket, and mine had some Reese’s eggs, some Dove peanut butter-filled chocolate, some beef jerky, some Jujubes, and some other things. I also got War Horse on Blu-Ray (haven’t watched it yet, but I will within the next couple of days) and the soundtrack from Titanic (which I also haven’t seen…hopefully that’ll be fixed within the next couple of days as well). We had a nice dinner of ham and creamed potatoes, and I later napped for a while. It was some good relaxation time. Unfortunately, we eventually had to leave, which meant goodbye to Poppa and Granna for at least a month.

Today, I visited both the honors band and the Variety at Poteet. For the band, I just sat in the audience (they were in the auditorium) and listened the whole time, taking notes on my phone; I actually had an assignment for my intro to music teaching class that required a “professional observation” of a music teacher, so I used Mr. Newman as my example. They sounded pretty decent, and they’re even playing a song that I played here at Tech earlier in the semester, Folk Dances by Dmitri Shostakovich, which is lots of fun. I think they’ll do well at UIL next week!

In Variety, I helped to teach a new song that they’re singing at Variety Show next week, since we sang it back in my junior year. When class was over, I said goodbye, left, said goodbye to Mom, drove by Dad’s work and said goodbye to him, and then hit the road. I made it back in Lubbock before 9. Upon arriving, I filled up my gas tank and drove through a quick car wash to get rid of most of the bugs before coming to Sneed. I unloaded all of my stuff and took it to the room, at which point it started pouring rain and storming outside. So much for a car wash! Unfortunately/fortunately, I still had to take my car over to the parking garage, so I did that and ended up riding my bike through the pouring rain across campus…which was the most fun thing EVER! I definitely unleashed my inner child a bit as I sped across campus, splashing through puddles and getting soaked to the bone.

Getting back to Sneed, I changed into my pajamas and threw the wet clothes in the dryer before adding them to the hamper, and I watched Ratatouille for the first time, despite owning it since Christmas. I loved it! I went ahead and bought the soundtrack on iTunes while I was at it; the music was composed by Michael Giacchino, who also scored the Incredibles, Star Trek, and Up, so I knew it would be worth it.

And now, it’s time for bed. It’ll be weird to start the week on a Tuesday, but I’d say that it’s preferable to starting with a Monday. Goodnight, everyone!


Don’t want no short people.

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I hope that everyone had a fantastic Easter Sunday! He is Risen!

We were a couple of minutes late to church this morning, but it was fine; I think that Blake and I took our seats during the first song, so no biggie. The service was great: worship closed with “Revelation Song”, my favorite worship song, which was very emotional, and then Brother Jimmy’s message was great too. I can’t wait until I’m home for the summer so that I can hear him preach every week; don’t get me wrong, I like the church I go to in Lubbock (technically, Wolfforth), but it’s not home…I’ve gone to the same church back home for 13 or 14 years. I love it.

Sunday school was better than usual (my one complaint about FBC Forney now is my college Bible study class), as we had a discussion about politics and how they should be viewed from a Christian perspective. It was entertaining.

After SS, Mom, Dad, Blake, and I found Poppa and Granna and regrouped back at their house in Terrell. We do Easter gifts in our family (at least, the younger people get gifts), and mine this year included Portal 2 on my PS3 (which also came with a code for me to play on my PC as well; oh happy day!) and The King’s Speech on Blu-Ray. I haven’t seen that before, so I’m looking forward to watching it sometime this week.

We had our big Easter lunch/dinner combo, consisting of ham, my favorite creamed potatoes (thank you, Granna!), some tasty rolls, and some mac and cheese. It was a good meal, and I definitely over-stuffed myself.

At this point I played Portal 2 for a bit, which is just fantastic. I’m REALLY enjoying the single-player story mode, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Of course, can’t wait to try out the 2-player mode too!

A couple of hours later, the whole family gathered in the living room and I introduced them all to the Social Network (I know, I’m obsessed). Granna in particular had been wanting to see it, so I was all too happy to oblige…haha. I think they all enjoyed it (for the most part), but I had to explain a couple of things here and there when they were unable to follow the plot, which is definitely understandable.

Pretty soon after the movie ended, Mom, Dad, Blake, and I loaded up our stuff and headed back home, racing the storms the whole time. We were able to get home and unload the car before it started pouring rain, so that’s great. Blake got ready for bed since he has school in the morning, while the rest of us just hung around and watched some TV before packing up my stuff and loading it into the back of my car. Tomorrow, I plan on taking Blake to school in the morning and sticking around for honors band to hear the ensemble play for the first time (I’ve not been able to hear them this semester!), and then I will meet up with Andrew and let him load his stuff up in my car. Then we will probably go eat a light lunch (I say “light” because I have to stop at the Subway in Abilene as always, of course!) before heading back to the school so that we can hear the choir sing. We’ll leave the school before choir is over, getting on the road back to Lubbock at around 1:30.

Now, I’m listening to some Randy Newman as I type this up (I ended up not listening last night in favor of more sleep, and I’ll still be in bed at a decent time tonight), and now I’m almost done.

Goodnight, everyone, and sleep well! Update you when back in Lubbock…two weeks left!


P.S. – MercyMe song of the day: “My Heart Will Fly”. All That is Within Me.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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I woke up this morning at 11-something but stayed in bed until Mom woke me up at noon-ish. Granna came into town to go shopping for stuff with Mom. After they had left, I fixed myself a cup of coffee and watched the Goonies on TV in the living room; LOVE the Goonies.

Around 2:30 or so, Dad, Blake, and I left for Terrell where our travel trailer is so that we could clean it up and make sure everything was in working order for my camping trip with Andrew and Seth to Lake Tawakoni State Park in a couple of weeks. I’m SO excited for this…I had thought it up last year, but I never went into planning mode and talked to the guys about it other than in passing.

Anyway, we stopped at Sonic for lunch and a few route 44 drinks on the way out (don’t worry, I got sweet tea!), and once we got to the storage facility where we keep it we hooked it up to my dad’s truck and drove it to Granna and Poppa’s house to wash it and such. I got to use this gas-powered high-velocity power washer to clean, and it was lots of fun; I felt that, had I pointed it straight at the ground and sprayed, I would have hovered like Mario in Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube (what a great game, eh?).

We left Granna and Poppa’s house a few hours later and made it home in time for Mom to start dinner for us…they fixed me spaghetti because they love me. 🙂 My mom’s spaghetti is my favorite food, so they always try and make sure they fix it whenever I’m in town. We all ate in the living room so that we could watch Criminal Minds together, and, let me tell you, both episodes we watched were super creepy. I mean, there’ve been some weird cases in the past, but the ones we watched today just kinda freak me out a little bit…oh well. I love that show though; I have the first season on my computer, and I can’t wait to start watching through. Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride) is in the first couple of seasons, so that’s awesome.

Once the episodes were over, I took a shower and now I’m about to go to sleep, but I’m going to listen through Randy Newman’s Little Criminals album (featuring his amusing song “Short People”) on vinyl before I officially hit the hay.

That being said, goodnight everyone, and have a very happy Easter…praise God, for His Son has conquered death; from the grave He has risen!


P.S. – MercyMe song of the day: “Alright”. All That is Within Me.