In my first class today, all I did was sit there and discreetly mess with my iPad because presentations were continuing; since I did my presentation last week, I was only there to get my attendance grade. Pretty boring, actually. We had a singing quiz in aural skills today over modulations…this was the first aural skills singing quiz I practiced for. EVER. And it went well. We watched a video during strings class, so that’s nothing worth talking about.

In Goin’ Band, we finished learning the rest of the traditions show, which has REALLY cool marching drill…can’t wait to see the audience reaction at the game on Saturday! We were also given some pretty big news today: Goin’ Band has been invited to perform as the exhibition band at the BOA Super-Regional competition in San Antonio on November 5! You know what that means? I get to march in the Alamodome again! The Alamodome was my favorite place to march in high school (not just because we won state there), and I thought I would never get the opportunity to march there again! But I do! Super excited. Plus, God-willing, I’ll be back at the Alamodome the following Tuesday for AAAA State Marching Competition! (knock on wood!)

In music technology, we worked on our Garage Band composition project, which was lots of fun; I really liked what I came up with! I’ll post it sometime later…I have plans for it. After that class had ended, I just hung around the SUB/music building until horn studio rolled around at 5. All we did today was listen to a trumpet student talk everyone through how to use the Audacity recording software. I wouldn’t have minded if 1) he knew what he was talking about better than he did and 2) I actually used Audacity to record my stuff for studio (I use my phone). So it was mostly a waste of my time, but oh well.

I returned to the room for a while after studio had ended before heading back out the door to head to the movie theater. I went to see Three Musketeers with Lexi and her sister. Truthfully, I had absolutely no intention of seeing this movie, at least not in theaters, but they invited me along and so I went! It’s great to get to hang out outside of the interwebz now that we’ve actually met each other. Prepare for a sorta-kinda review thing:

It wasn’t a good movie, but it wasn’t what I would call “walk out of the theater” bad. In fact, I really enjoyed it and I would say that it’s more on the side of “laughably bad”, like Schumacher’s Batman & Robin with George Clooney, minus the bad puns and nipple suits. I actually enjoyed the music quite a bit, too…I may purchase the soundtrack sooner or later. The movie was in 3D, which actually wasn’t too bad, though the few moments where there was a sword thrust in my face made me cringe (and it’s not because I was frightened). The performances from all of the lead cast were laughable (Orlando Bloom should never EVER be the villain; his hair and his speaking voice were awful), but the blame can’t be entirely placed on them…they received no help from the script, which offered a poor plot and overly cheesy dialogue; fortunately for the filmmakers, it was the poor script and the resulting performances from the actors that made the film so much fun to watch. The excessive use of slow motion during the fight scenes bugged me at first, but, once I got into the feel for how the rest of the movie was going to run, I started appreciating the way it was being used. Plus, the generous amount of Princess Bride references throughout the first half of the film jumped out at us, making it even more fun. So yes. This movie definitely helped to further define the line between what I call “good movies” and “enjoyable movies”.

Anyway, after saying goodbye, I returned to the campus and did some homework stuff while Andrew and Megan watched the Sing-Off on Andrew’s computer. Now, I’m getting in bed. Goodnight!


P.S. – 26 years ago today, Doc Brown performed the first successful time travelling experiment shortly before being gunned down by terrorists, with Marty escaping to the year 1955. Yay!