Midnight at Walmart

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I’m not really at Walmart right now, but I was at midnight as the title implies.

After a long day of sleeping, band, and a disappointing football game, it’s time for me to shower and get in bed so that I wake up early enough for church in the morning.



P.S. – Congrats to the Poteet Pirate Band for advancing to State! Everyone please keep them in your prayers as the director and principal travel to Austin to see of the band will be allowed to compete or not.

Bad ideas.

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Don’t eat Chipotle before a marching band performance.

I overslept and missed my first class this morning, but it’s only the second time I’ve overslept this semester and I’m making an A in that class, so I didn’t feel too guilty. Plus, since today was a Friday and I didn’t have piano, oversleeping gave me about two more hours of bed rest, which is always appreciated. Overall, today was pretty simple, with only three classes to attend…nothing exciting happened in any of them.

After classes got out, I drove to Ross to get a pair of shoes for my Halloween costume as a finishing touch, and I found the perfect pair for less than $25…plus, they’re casual enough for me to wear with jeans or something like that if I wanted to. I’m SO excited for people to see my Halloween costume! My favorite costumes have always been the ones that I’ve put together myself instead of buying them packaged in a store, such as a magician, Doc Brown, Luigi, and now Indy. I’ll make sure to have pictures of my costume up on Facebook and Twitter for your enjoyment!

Tonight, we had a Goin’ Band stadium rehearsal from 6-8, and, afterward, we ate dinner, put on our uniforms, drove out to Wolfforth and performed at the end of the Frenship HS football game. It’s weird to perform on a Friday night in college because now it seems as if we shouldn’t be performing tomorrow, but we are. Ugh. I enjoyed my free weekend last week far too much.

I’d type more, but my eyes are droopy and I’ve had my head down as I typed. It’s definitely time for bed. Goodnight, everyone. Beat Iowa State tomorrow! Wreck ’em!



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So, the legitimate reason for no post last night is that I was busy studying for a test I had at 8am this morning. It went relatively well…don’t know my grade yet.

As far as today goes, it was wet and cold all day. We marched in a sort of pseudo-snow, which was kinda awful, but it was fun in its own way. Stuff happened with the Poteet band (which I’d prefer to not talk about until what’s done is officially done) and the Rangers lost. And I just finished an assignment for music history. So today was just kinda “bleh” overall…I’m ready for sleep. So goodnight and sweet dreams!


One For All

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In my first class today, all I did was sit there and discreetly mess with my iPad because presentations were continuing; since I did my presentation last week, I was only there to get my attendance grade. Pretty boring, actually. We had a singing quiz in aural skills today over modulations…this was the first aural skills singing quiz I practiced for. EVER. And it went well. We watched a video during strings class, so that’s nothing worth talking about.

In Goin’ Band, we finished learning the rest of the traditions show, which has REALLY cool marching drill…can’t wait to see the audience reaction at the game on Saturday! We were also given some pretty big news today: Goin’ Band has been invited to perform as the exhibition band at the BOA Super-Regional competition in San Antonio on November 5! You know what that means? I get to march in the Alamodome again! The Alamodome was my favorite place to march in high school (not just because we won state there), and I thought I would never get the opportunity to march there again! But I do! Super excited. Plus, God-willing, I’ll be back at the Alamodome the following Tuesday for AAAA State Marching Competition! (knock on wood!)

In music technology, we worked on our Garage Band composition project, which was lots of fun; I really liked what I came up with! I’ll post it sometime later…I have plans for it. After that class had ended, I just hung around the SUB/music building until horn studio rolled around at 5. All we did today was listen to a trumpet student talk everyone through how to use the Audacity recording software. I wouldn’t have minded if 1) he knew what he was talking about better than he did and 2) I actually used Audacity to record my stuff for studio (I use my phone). So it was mostly a waste of my time, but oh well.

I returned to the room for a while after studio had ended before heading back out the door to head to the movie theater. I went to see Three Musketeers with Lexi and her sister. Truthfully, I had absolutely no intention of seeing this movie, at least not in theaters, but they invited me along and so I went! It’s great to get to hang out outside of the interwebz now that we’ve actually met each other. Prepare for a sorta-kinda review thing:

It wasn’t a good movie, but it wasn’t what I would call “walk out of the theater” bad. In fact, I really enjoyed it and I would say that it’s more on the side of “laughably bad”, like Schumacher’s Batman & Robin with George Clooney, minus the bad puns and nipple suits. I actually enjoyed the music quite a bit, too…I may purchase the soundtrack sooner or later. The movie was in 3D, which actually wasn’t too bad, though the few moments where there was a sword thrust in my face made me cringe (and it’s not because I was frightened). The performances from all of the lead cast were laughable (Orlando Bloom should never EVER be the villain; his hair and his speaking voice were awful), but the blame can’t be entirely placed on them…they received no help from the script, which offered a poor plot and overly cheesy dialogue; fortunately for the filmmakers, it was the poor script and the resulting performances from the actors that made the film so much fun to watch. The excessive use of slow motion during the fight scenes bugged me at first, but, once I got into the feel for how the rest of the movie was going to run, I started appreciating the way it was being used. Plus, the generous amount of Princess Bride references throughout the first half of the film jumped out at us, making it even more fun. So yes. This movie definitely helped to further define the line between what I call “good movies” and “enjoyable movies”.

Anyway, after saying goodbye, I returned to the campus and did some homework stuff while Andrew and Megan watched the Sing-Off on Andrew’s computer. Now, I’m getting in bed. Goodnight!


P.S. – 26 years ago today, Doc Brown performed the first successful time travelling experiment shortly before being gunned down by terrorists, with Marty escaping to the year 1955. Yay!


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Woke up this morning before my first alarm when Andrew woke to take a shower. I fell back asleep and woke in time for me to walk to my first class. Nothing extravagant happened during my theory class aside from finally receiving the recording grades from my horn professor…of the 19 people in the studio who submitted recordings, I got the fourth-best grade. That placed me ahead of 2 grad students as well as both Goin’ Band section leaders (both of whom failed their recordings). I was proud of myself, and my horn professor was impressed as well…go Chad!

Music history was a bit awkward because the professor pointed out the sexual innuendo behind seemingly innocent Italian madrigals, but we had a few laughs. The rest of the school day went normally; after my last class, I ran an errand to buy a book for a class before returning to the campus. I sat around for a long time before doing laundry and watching the Ranger game (WOOOOOOOOOOOO). Megan came to the room with Andrew after they got off work together, and so we all saw the last few innings of the game together.

That’s pretty much it; it was a relatively boring day, made better by grade announcements and a Rangers win. Andrew and I just finished watching some Family Guy, and now it’s time for bed.




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I know it’s late again, but I’m still a bit stockpiled up on that extra sleep from Friday-Saturday, and I took a short two-hour nap earlier this evening while waiting on Andrew to wake up from his nap.

Today was a good day. All of that extra sleep at the start of the weekend made it easy for me to wake at 8 this morning, despite having gone to sleep just before 4am. I was able to fully wake for a while before heading out the door, walking across campus to my car (still haven’t fixed that flat bike tire) to go to church! This is actually the first time I’ve gone to church in Lubbock since early September, so I was anxious to get there. As mentioned multiple times previously, the church that I visited this morning is the church of one of my Twitter friends, Lexi. Today was the first time we’d met in person, so that was really cool, and I got to meet her sister as well! As for the church, I really enjoyed it; the college ministry is small, but I think that really gives opportunity for a more personal Bible study, which would in turn help to keep me more accountable when it comes to reading the Bible especially. I liked the worship service a lot too; the pastor reminded me a bit of Bro. Jimmy back in Forney, and the music wasn’t “traditional” but it wasn’t super contemporary either…right up my alley! I know that, when it comes down to it, my preferences don’t matter in worshiping God, but I believe that it’s difficult to put all of your heart into your worship if you’re not completely comfortable in the way the worship is being done.

After church, Lexi and I went to lunch together in a sort of “getting to know you” session, sitting and talking for quite a while about this and that and whatnot before saying our goodbyes and making tentative movie plans with her sister for Tuesday night. Should be fun! I definitely plan on revisiting the church next week.

When I got back to the room, I just hung around (duh) until Court Jesters, which added more fun to my day. We got some new stuff, including Vehicle, one of my favorite stand tunes that we played back at Poteet…funnily enough, Mr. Coulson messaged me on Facebook while we were first playing through it! Fun coincidence. We’re finally going to be incorporating all of these new stand tunes into the volleyball game on Wednesday night that I volunteered for, so that’s exciting!

I returned to the room to find soulful R&B music playing, meaning that Andrew had returned from his retreat with his fraternity. He was napping, and, after sitting around for a while, I decided to lay down and take a short nap myself while waiting on him to wake up. Upon waking, we had a little catch-up session where we just talked to each other about our weekends and laughed and had fun times. We ordered pizza for dinner (it was late; I promise it won’t become a habit!), watching a few episodes of Phineas & Ferb before switching to The Expendables, the 2010 action movie starring almost any famous action star you can think of (Stallone, Rourke, Statham, Lundgren, etc.). It didn’t have much of a plot (“you mean explosions aren’t plot devices?!” – me), but the action was pretty intense and fun to watch…although lots of it was pretty gruesome. I don’t typically “go” for films like this, but I can at least say that I’ve seen it once and I don’t have to mess with it again.

Now that I’ve finished my theory homework, it’s time to take a quick shower and catch some shuteye before class at 9. Goodnight, everyone! Go Rangers! clap clap clapclapclap


Some ‘Splainin’.

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So, here’s what happened: I slept from 7pm last night to 10:30am this morning. After waking, I ended up staying in bed and falling back asleep until 2-something. Not joking. As a result, there’s, understandably, not much for me to update you on.

Since I was asleep for so long, there was about a 24-hour period when neither food nor drink entered my system. When I finally got out of bed and decided it was time to eat, I was partially dizzy…nothing extreme, but I definitely felt weak from lack of food. I walked across the street to Subway, where I took my time eating my sandwich, snacking on chips, and sipping soda. It all definitely hit the spot.

Upon returning to the room, I basically just sat at my computer and did nothing. I kept up with the Rangers game (so sad, but there’s still four games left!) when it came on, and with the Tech game when it became clear that we were gonna fight with everything we had. What a win! I’m so happy that we won, but I do have a question to ask: where were these Red Raiders during our last two home games? If we can beat OU, ranked #3 in the nation, what stopped us from beating the Aggies, who were ranked in the 20s? A bit disappointing in that light, but still, I love being a Raider.

Every once in a while I get in a writing mood. This weekend is one of those times. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for writing nearly nonstop all weekend, whether it be for a short story or for a full-out novel. Unfortunately, nothing has come of this brainstorming…one day? I sure hope so. My problem is that I’ve got the writing talent but not so much of the creativity. Maybe something will come along eventually.

Anyway, though it may not feel like it, it’s 2:30 in the morning, and I’m finally visiting that church that I’ve mentioned in past posts. Bible study starts at 9:30, so I need to make sure that I get enough sleep to wake up on time. I may go to sleep with a movie on since I already got about 18 hours of sleep.

I hope tomorrow is a more interesting news day! Wreck ’em Tech and let’s go Rangers! Goodnight!


Blinking in the starlight.

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More to come tomorrow…I stayed up a bit later tonight, but I only have two classes tomorrow, finishing before noon, so I wasn’t as worried about being super-fully rested…I’m sleeping late Saturday. I’ll either give you all a long post tomorrow night, or give some sort of update midday. Goodnight!


Early to bed

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I’m currently about to get in bed…just after midnight! Woo!

It was nice to wake up this morning with a decent amount of sleep for the first time in a while, but I was still pretty tired all day. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t felt “all there” since the dust storm (officially called a “haboob”…look it up!); I’ve had a little bit of a stuffy nose, and bad headaches the past two days. I haven’t felt “sick”, though, so that’s good.

Today wasn’t anything special. Because of the aforementioned “not feeling too well” thing, I arranged with my voice teacher to cancel this week’s lesson, but everything else went according to schedule. Before symphonic band, 3 other horn players and I met and played through a few horn quartets for a future Thursday recital…it went really well. I was back in the room soon after 3, and after a few hours of Phineas and Ferb, I went to tonight’s volleyball game against A&M with Court Jesters…we lost. Oh well; it was still fun! Can’t wait for basketball season!

I didn’t have any homework tonight, so that was nice. In the morning, I give my second presentation in my COMS class, and tomorrow night is also the night of my first symphonic band concert this semester. Should be a decent day!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Goodnight!


Believe it or not.

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I’m about to get in bed! I’m a shower away from sleep. Thank the Lord!

This week has been stressful, even though it’s only Tuesday. I had two outlines due in my COMS class this morning for a presentation I’m giving on Thursday, and I’ve had lots of homework on top of that. Everything seems like it’s cool down, though; the fact that last week was a short week that rolled right into a game weekend which rolled into lots of homework made it a lot rougher.

There’s not much from today to talk about; I went to my classes, took a nap in the SUB, went to studio, ran a couple of errands, came back to the room, ate dinner, did homework, and watched Phineas and Ferb. I also talked with a friend about a job opportunity on campus; it’s at a place called the TECHniques center, and it’s a tutoring position. No more than 10 hours of work a week, $9 an hour, and I choose my own schedule. I’d be done by 6 every day. I think I’m going to apply, though I probably won’t get the job until next semester.

I turned in my intent to graduate form/degree plan yesterday. It seems so surreal to already be considering graduation as merely a sophomore…didn’t I just start?! I’m excited for things to come, though.

Anyway, I know it’s a short post, but, like I said, the goal is to get in bed early. Goodnight, everyone!


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