But yesterday was one of the few days where I legitimately forgot to type up a blog (as opposed to times when I purposefully neglected it due to studying or exhaustion). Sorry about that, but I feel it was justified; after all, how many times do you sit in the very front row for a professional baseball game? Thanks to my uncle, that’s exactly where we sat at the Rangers game last night: first row of the bottom level, just past third base. It was awesome. We were hoping that at least one foul ball would head our way, but we only had a couple fly over us. No big deal because the game was completely worth it…go Rangers!

Today was the first day of Poteet’s summer band camp. Since I’m the horn teacher this year, I had to be at the school with the students at 8am. I got out of bed at around 7:15 and took a shower before getting dressed, eating a package of Poptarts, and preparing my morning coffee. When it came time for Mr. Newman to introduce all the staff to the students, he introduced my friend Alex (graduated with me, helping with saxes) as a 2011 graduate, my friend Aaron (also graduated with me, helping with trumpets) as a 2009 graduate…he got my introduction right, though.

As far as actually teaching the students, we got a lot done today. I’m not as “fun” as the previous teacher was, I suppose, but we definitely got a LOT of work done, finishing more than half of part 1. I was pretty proud of their progress, and I’m hoping that the rest of band camp will run just as smoothly.

When I got home, I watched a couple of shows that I had recorded from the ’90s Are All That! programming on Nickelodeon, which is really cool: it’s a bunch of shows that Nickelodeon used to play in the ’90s, back when I was growing up. Awesome. Anyway, I watched All That (a kids’ sketch comedy show similar to SNL) and Kenan & Kel (sort of a spin-off; both Kenan and Kel were All That cast members). Later, I took a two-hour nap, which was great, and then I resumed watching TV, switching to Criminal Minds with my Mom, which I watched the rest of the day. We ate Hamburger Helper for dinner.

Now, I’m watching more ’90s Are All That, and I’m about to either go to bed, but I may read a little of The Two Towers before I actually sleep…we’ll see. Tomorrow, we’re going to Granna and Poppa’s house and eating with my uncle and cousins and some old family friends. Lots of fun!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Goodnight.