Today was a long day. I first woke up at 7:40 or so, eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch for breakfast. We got started with work pretty soon afterward; today’s job was to destroy a couple of large mounds of dirt in the lot and distribute the dirt in areas where the ground had sunk below the concrete around the driveway and such. I think we filled in all of the spots in the concrete, and the next step is to start filling in dips on their property. We’ve still got plenty of dirt to move! Thank goodness for Poppa’s tractor!

We came inside for lunch at about 12:15 and stayed inside for the rest of the day. Once we had eaten (you should be proud; I had an apple for lunch), we commenced on our next project: ripping up the wallpaper in Granna and Poppa’s back bathroom. We did this for quite a while, at least until six, if not maybe a bit later. We got a lot of work done, but it’s pretty tedious: lots of the time only the top layer of wallpaper will tear off, the part with the actual design on it, and then we’d have to soak the second layer with water in order to scrape it off cleanly.

We had burgers for dinner, and I had a Swiss bacon burger for the first time. Honestly, I didn’t taste much of the cheese since Swiss doesn’t have as much of a sharpness to it like American and Cheddar do, but it was still really good. Granna, Blake, and I watched Tangled while we ate (after finishing up watching Groundhog Day, which had been playing on the TV), which I had convinced Granna to buy for us to watch last night at Walmart…thank you Granna! She really liked it a lot, and so did I…it was only my third time to see it, which is a low view count for me.

After the movie, we went to the special features and picked the deleted scenes, which I had never seen before since I hadn’t owned it before now. They were more like storyboards with voice overlay than “scenes”, and I would call them “replaced scenes” over “deleted scenes”. They were more like initial ideas for the film that were scrapped and replaced with what we saw in the final product. It was during the third of these so-called “deleted” scenes that I think I fell asleep, not waking up until quite a while later. I’m not entirely sure what time I initially fell asleep, but it was pretty soon after 10, and it was nearly midnight by the time I woke. It was a nice nap, and now I think I’m going to sleep pretty soon before this tired feeling wears off.

That being said, goodnight, all.